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History and Government Paper 1 2023 mock
Form 4 History and Government Paper 1 2023 mock

Published on September 23rd 2023 | 2 mins , 398 words

History paper 1


1. Identify the branch of history that studies occupation of people 

  • Economic history 

2. State two political effects of the migration of Rendile into Kenya during the pre-colonial period 

  • Increased warfare with the neighbouring communities 
  • Led to formation  of new military alliances in the region e.g Rendile and Samburu against the Turkana 

3. Identify one age grade for elders among the Akamba 

  • Junior elders/Anake 
  • Medium elders/Nthele 
  • Full elders/Atumia ma kivalo 

4. Give one reason why the East African coast was strategically important  for the Portuguese in the 15th C. 

  • Presence of deep natural harbours 
  • Access of the East African Communities through the sea 


5. Give two roles of the Portuguese Captain at the Coast 

  • To collect taxes from the coastal rulers 
  • To impose export and import custom duties 
  • To suppress any form of resistance and rebellion 
  • They were responsible for good governance on behalf of the viceroy based in Goa, India 

6. identify two categories of people eligible for registration as Kenyan citizens

(i) One must lawfully reside in Kenya continuously for at least seven years

(ii) A child who is not a Kenyan citizen by be adopted by a Kenyan citizen

(iii) A person must be married to a Kenyan citizen for at least seven years

7. State two causes of economic conflicts in Kenya

  • Dispute over natural resources e.g. water, pasture, land and oil
  • unequal allocation of natural resources
  • Difference between employer and workers
  • Difference over trading policies e.g. taxation
  • Failure to adhere to contractual obligation

8. which constitutional amendment made Kenya a de jure one party state

  • Introduction of section 2A of the constitution

9. Give two rights of the older members contained in the constitution of Kenya

Right :

  • To fully participate in the affairs of the society
  • To pursue their personal development
  • To live in dignity and respect
  • To be free from abuse
  • To receive reasonable care and assistance from the family

10. Name two duties of a chief during colonial administration in Kenya

  • Maintenance of law and order
  • Hearing of petty cases
  • Tax collection
  • Labour recruitment/ army conscriptions

11. Give two grievances of the Asians that led to Devonshire white paper

  • They wanted equal rights with settlers, especially in white Highlands
  • They wanted their restrictions on immigration to be done away with
  • They disliked separate taxation and segregated education
  • They wanted racial discrimination and political injustices practised by the white to end

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