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MMORUT CRE  Paper 2 Joint 2023
Form 4 MMORUT CRE Paper 2 Joint 2023

Published on October 21st 2023 | 4 mins , 772 words


1. (a) Outline Nathan’s prophecy concerning the Messiah  (6 marks)

God would ensure that the kingdom of David lasts forever 

An heir from David’s lineage would be raised to sit on the throne 

The messiah would deliver Israel from her political enemies 

God would keep the messiah kingdom strong 

The messiah would be a descendant of King David 

The messiah would be like a son of God 


(b) State the difference between the work of John the Baptist and that of Jesus (7 marks) 

John the Baptist preached mainly in the wilderness / the desert of Judah, while Jesus preached in the synagogues/ homes / cities/temples 

John the Baptist called people to repentance while Jesus forgave / died for their sins 

John the Baptist was baptizing with water, but Jesus was baptized with the Holy Spirit / fire 

John the Baptist lived the life of a Nazarite, while Jesus mixed freely with all people 

The emphasis of John the Baptist preaching was in the promised messiah, while that of Jesus was about the Kingdom of God 

John the Baptist message was direct whereas Jesus preached in parables 

While John the Baptist disciples fasted, the disciples of Jesus ate and drunk 

John the Baptist did not perform miracles while Jesus’ ministry was full of signs and wonders 


(c) Give seven reasons why Christians present gifts to newborn babies 

Christians give gifts in order to welcome the baby into the family / world 

It is a sign of their love / contribution to the baby’s welfare 

It is a way of appreciating the gift of life / blessing 

It is a way of thanking God / appreciating his goodness 

It is a form of congratulating the mother / parent 

It is an expression of their joy 

It is a way of emulating biblical practices 


2a) Describe the feeding of the 5000 men in reference to Luke 9:10-17 (8 marks) 


The apostles returned and told Jesus the things they had done 

Jesus took them to a deserted place at a city called Bethsaida 

A multitude followed him to receive the word of God 

Jesus cured whose who were in need of healing 

When the evening came , the 12 told Jesus to tell the crowd to go away 

They wanted the people to get provisions and lodge in the nearby town 

Jesus told the disciples to give them something to eat 

They said to Jesus , we have only five loaves and 2 fish 

They were about 5000 men 

He told his disciples to make them sit down in groups of 50 

The disciples made them all sit down 

Jesus took the five loaves and 2 fish, looking to heaven and blessed it 

He gave them to the disciples to set them before the crowd  / multitude 

They ate and were filled 

They collected 12 baskets of the leftover fragments / broken pieces 

b) Outline six reasons why Jesus was rejected at Nazareth (6 marks)


Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy 

Jesus did not perform miracles in Nazareth as he had performed in Capernaum 

He annoyed the listeners by telling them that their forefathers had rejected/persecuted the prophets of the lord 

He told the people that since they had rejected the good news, it will be given to the gentiles 

The Jews in Nazareth were annoyed when Jesus compared them unfavourably with the gentiles 




(c) Mention the six virtues Christians learn from the feeding of 5000 men (6 marks) 

  • Service 
  • Obedience 
  • Faith / trust 
  •  Respect 
  • Humility 
  • Cooperation 
  • Thankfulness 
  • Carefulness 
  • Responsibility 
  • Kindness / generosity / sharing 
  • Concern / comparison / mercy 


3a Outline Jesus teaching on watchfulness and readiness Luke 12:35-39 (7 marks) 

Believers should be dressed for his coming 

They should keep up their lamps burning 

They should be awake/alert 

They should be prepared at all times since they do not know the time for Christ’s coming 

Believers should continue working until Christ comes back 

The servants / believers who are drunkard / mistreat fellow workers will be punished 

Those who know what is required of them / their master’s will and fail to do it will receive a severe beating 

Believers are expected to respond to God according to how they have received from him 

Those who do wrong out of ignorance will receive lesser beatings / punishments 

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