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kcse 2019 computer studies paper 2
Form 4 kcse 2019 computer studies paper 2

Published on September 3rd 2023 | 2 mins , 325 words

1. Form 1 Class Teachers of Mwango Secondary School intend to use a database to manage students performance in three examinations: opener, mid term and end term examinations

(a) Open a database program and create a database named analysis. (1 mark)

(b) (i) Create three tables named Class StudDetails and Stud Marks in the database file created in (a) using the following details: (14 marks)


class table

studentDetails Table

Students Marks Table

(ii) Create the relationship between the tables

(iii) Create a form for the class table and add a subform for the studDetails table using the format in figure 1. Save the form as dataentry

dataentry form
(b) Enter the following data into their respective tables in the database (12 1/2 marks)

class table data

studDetails table data

studMarks Table Data

(c) Create a query to display the fields

(i) AdNo, studName , classID , Opener, mid term and end term for all students in form one East. Save the query as F1E. (4 1/2 Marks)

(ii) AdNo, studName, classID, Opener, mid term and end term and a calculated field named mean score to display the average in the three examinations. Save the query as overall

Create a report to display the details of each student as it appears in figure 2.

report.png 15.64 KB

Print each of the following (3mks)

(i) The three tables

(ii) The two queries

(iii) Report for the first two students

2. The Chief Printer of Zenith Printers Company would like to have business cards. As a desktop publishing expert, you have been tasked to design the card for the officer

a) i) Open a desktop publishing program and set the page layout as follows:     

  • Paper size 8.5 cm width by 5.5 cm height
  • Layout type: multiple pages per sheet
  • Target paper size: A4
  • Orientation : Portrait
  • Margin: 0.75 all round     (5mks)

Save the publication as business card

Design the card as it appears in figure 3 ensuring that the card covers all the space in the page (42 mks)


Printout all the 10 copies of the card on a single A4 page

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