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Form 4 KCSE 2016 Computer Studies Paper 1

Published on May 8th 2024 | 2 mins , 328 words

1.  (a)state the meaning of the term disk defragmentation as used in computers  (1mk) 

The process of rewriting parts of a file to contiguous sectors on a disk 

(b) State the purposes of disk defragmentation

To increase speed of access and retrieval of file

To increase space on the disk

2. Identify any computer output device suitable for each of the following tasks:

(a) Generating receipts where carbon copies are required  (1mk)

  • Impact printers e.g dot matrix

 b) an architectural drawing where precision is required         (1mk)

  • Plotter

(c ) producing document output for a visually impaired person (1mk)

  • Braille/speakers

3. Pesa Tele has offices in Nairobi and Kampala connected in a network . the management is convinced that someone is illegally gaining access to the data in their computers. State three ways in which the company can overcome this problem (3mks)

  • Encryption
  • Firewall
  • Audit trail/tracking
  • Use of passwords
  • Limit the number of log-in attempts

4. Expla=32in two ways in which the use of internet could make reporting of corruption easier (4mks)

  • Interactive: the internet based technology enables real-time dialogue hence instantaneous reporting of cases
  • Outreach: the technology allows the coverage of wide areas
  • Social mobilization : it easy to create a network of people with similar concerns
  • Anonymity : it is easier to report corruption without being  known
  • Security: the message sent reaches destination without being intruded

5. State ways in which software errors can be prevented during program development

  • Use of antivirus software
  • Performing system update frequently
  • Testing the software before implementation
  • Proper training

6. Convert each of the following binary numbers to decimal equivalent, given that the left most digit is a sign bit

(a) 00101101





\(32+8+4+1\) = \(45_{10}\)

(b) 11001001

\(1\times 2^{6}=64\) 

 \(1\times 2^{3}=8\) 

 \(1\times 2^{0}=1\)   

\(64+8+1\) =  \(-73_{10}\)


7. State the function of each of the following keys on the computer keyboard :  (2mks)

(a) Backspace;

  • Deletes characters to the left of the cursor

(b) Insert

  • Add characters at the cursor position
  • Toggles between overtype and insert modes

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