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Form 4 Maranda Pre-Mock History Paper 2

Published on May 19th 2024 | 4 mins , 711 words



Answer all questions in this section

 1. Give the main advantage of using oral traditions as a source of information in history and government  (1 mark). 

2. Name the family group that early human beings developed from  (1 mark). 

3. Identify two areas outside Africa where early agriculture begun. (2 marks). 

4. Give one limitation in use of money in trade.     (1 mark) 

5. Name two modern modes of water transport (2 marks) 

6. Identify one form of picture writing during the early civilisation   (1 mark) 

7. State the main contribution of the discovery of chloroform in the field of medicine.(1 mark) 

8. State the main factor that led to the growth of ancient town of Kilwa.   (1 mark) 

9. Name two administrative units that existed in the Buganda kingdom during the pre- colonial period      (2 marks). 

10.  State two reasons why the Africans in southern Tanganyika opposed the forced cotton growing programme imposed on them by the German colonial officials                              (2 marks) 

State two European activities in Africa before 1850. (2 marks) 


1.  State two European activities in Africa before 1850.                                             (2 marks)

2.      Give the reason why Kwame Nkrumah broke away from United Gold Coast Convention Party (UGCC) to form Convention People’s Party (CPP)                                                               (1 mark)

3.      Highlight one way in which economic rivalries between the European powers contributed to the outbreak of the First World War.                                                                                            (1 mark)

4.     State two reasons why Britain and France adopt the policy of appeasement after the First World War? (2 marks)

5.      Name two permanent members of the United Nations Security Council               (2marks)

6.      Give one function of the queen of England as the head of the Commonwealth of Nations.

(1 mark)

7. State two functions of the east African legislative assembly established by the renewed east African community of 2001?  (2 marks)


Answer any three questions in this section

8.  (a). Give three reasons why early human beings moved from forests to settle in the grasslands.  (3 marks).

b) Describe the way of life of early human beings during the Old Stone Age period. (12 marks).

9. (a). State five factors that have contributed to the growth of Johannesburg city. (5 marks)

b) Describe five social problems faced by the residents of Johannesburg since the end of apartheid. (10 marks)

10.  (a). Give three reasons why the second location of Samouri Toure's empire was not as good as the first one during his war with the French.  (3 marks)

b) What were the results of the British Ndebele war of 1893?   (12marks)

11.  (a). Why did the British use direct rule in Zimbabwe?           (5 marks).

b) Highlight five characteristics of direct rule in Zimbabwe.    (10 marks).


 Answer any two questions in this section

12.  (a). State three demands that Austria presented to Serbia after the assassination of Austria-Hungary heir apparent Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo.     (3 marks)
b) What were the results of the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan in 1945?(12 marks)
13.  (a). State five factors that led to the development of the cold war.   (5 marks)
b) Explain five factors that contributed to the end of cold war.   (10 marks)
14.  (a). Identify three organs of the African Union. 3 marks)
b) Describe six functions of the African Union’s General Assembly.                      (12 marks)

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